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Strategic Marketing in 2018 Lumberton Workshop

You’re Invited!

Strategic Marketing in 2018 Lumberton Workshop

In today’s constantly changing times, what do we really know about building an effective strategic marketing strategy for our business?  If you shrugged aside digital marketing in previous years, 2018 is the year that you will learn how to make your business grow through not only Digitial Marketing, but an Effective Strategic Marketing Plan.

Learning the Art of Marketing.

Mark the Date on Your Calendar!

Marketing is an elegant dance between science and art.  It takes two to tango.  Find out how to strike that delicate balance.

On Thursday, January 25th, at 12:00 pm, you’re invited to our Free Workshop hosted by the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce and Sponsored by Altus Emergency Center Lumberton.  This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a Lunch and Learn that you won’t want to miss.

Spaces are limited to please RSVP by:

  • Calling the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce 1 409 755 0554
  • Calling Zenga Solutions at:  713 893-8725
  • Or Emailing:  support@zengasolutions.com

Best of all, there will be several FREE PRIZES given away to the participants!

Free Prizes!

For Participants of the Strategic Marketing in 2018 Lumberton Workshop
  • Grand Prize:  One Free Business Responsive Customized One Page Website.
  • 2nd Prize:  Logo Refreshment.  We’ll modernize your logo for free!
  • Three 3rd Prize Winners:  Free Opportunity Analysis Study. A $500 Value Each.
Why Strategic Marketing
You Will Grow!

You’ve heard a bunch of fancy terms as well as fads that have come and gone through the years.  In the end, as a business owner or marketing director, your main concern is “How do I increase my bottom line?”

During this Strategic Marketing Workshop, we’ll be giving you the basics on how to put together an effective Strategic Marketing Workshop in 2018.

Boost Your Business in 2018!
Be seen have presence
Get traffic new leads
Get noticed Have Visibility
Get sales conversions

Marketing Tools Covered

  • Strategy. Game Plan
  • Branding. Audience Bonding
  • Website. Virtual Business Doors
  • SEO.  Right Place. Right Time.
  • Content Marketing. Smart Blogging.
  • Social Media. Building Relationships.
  • Video. Be Seen and Heard.
  • Opt-In Emailing.  Hello, My Friend!
  • Print Advertising. Be Memorable.
  • Reporting. Tracking Results.
  • Optimization. Never Get Left Behind.
  • Web Tools. Development & Integration.
Who is Zenga Solutions?

Zenga Solutions is a creative marketing agency with a combined experience of nearly 20 years. The Zenga Family is made up of the most creative minds from Texas to Costa Rica.

We are a team of creative masterminds with a common passion for delivering top quality marketing solutions on time and at an affordable price. We fuse art, strategy, and technology to deliver you reliable results.